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Best Practices for Buying a classic Porsche from a Broker or Consignor

best practices for buying a classic porsche

When it comes to best practices for buying a classic Porsche 911, a rookie mistake that should be avoided is buying from a flipper, broker, or consignor without doing deep, deep due diligence on the seller.

IMPORTANT: upfront I'll tell you that without question there are reputable professionals in this field. They have deep expertise and can guide you through the process of buying a wonderful example of an air cooled or water cooled Porsche. They genuinely care about providing you with a buying experience that will help you find your "forever Porsche."

However, I've found that there are indeed unscrupulous sellers looking to cash in on your emotional excitement. In this article I'll share with you the risks of purchasing a Porsche from these intermediaries who are profit-driven only and why it is often HIGHLY preferable to buy from long-term owners who have a genuine connection with the car.


I can help. If you're looking for some consultation with your search, I can guide you through finding the correct car for you. I DO NOT SELL OR BROKER CARS. For a nominal fee, I help buyers think through how to select the best classic Porsche for you.


Risk #1: Misrepresentation and Inaccurate Descriptions

One of the primary concerns when buying from flippers, brokers, or consignors is the possibility of encountering misrepresentations or inaccurate descriptions of the vehicle. These intermediaries are often motivated by profit, and some may not provide a complete and honest account of the car's condition or history. This can lead to disappointments and unexpected expenses for the buyer, who may find the Porsche to be different from what was advertised or expected.

Risk #2. Lack of Genuine Care and Connection

When purchasing a Porsche, many enthusiasts prefer to buy from long-term owners who have genuinely cared for the car. These owners tend to have a personal attachment to the vehicle and can provide valuable insights into its history, maintenance, and overall condition. Their passion for the car often aligns with the reason for selling, creating a more transparent and trustworthy buying experience. In contrast, flippers, brokers, and consignors may not have the same emotional connection or understanding of the car's intricacies.

Risk #3. Limited Knowledge and Expertise

While there are undoubtedly knowledgeable professionals in the business of selling classic Porsches, it is essential to consider that not all individuals doing this possess the same level of expertise. Buying from long-term owners allows you to tap into their intimate knowledge of the specific example including its quirks, maintenance requirements, and any potential issues. They have likely invested significant time and effort in understanding and caring for the vehicle, providing a valuable resource for the buyer.

Risk #4. Authenticity and Originality Concerns

Porsche enthusiasts often prioritize authenticity and originality when it comes to their vehicles. Long-term owners are more likely to have preserved the car's originality, ensuring that it remains true to its factory specifications. On the other hand, flippers and consignors may have made modifications or alterations to enhance the car's market appeal, potentially compromising its authenticity. By buying from a long-term owner, you increase the chances of acquiring a Porsche with its original features intact.

While acknowledging that there are reputable professionals in the field of flipping, brokering, and consigning Porsches, it's crucial for rookie buyers to be aware of the potential risks involved. Misrepresentations, lack of genuine care and connection, limited knowledge, and authenticity concerns are factors that may arise when purchasing from intermediaries. Opting to buy from long-term owners offers the advantages of transparency, personal connection, and a deeper understanding of the vehicle's history.

As always, it is essential to conduct thorough research, inspections, and due diligence before making a purchase.


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